Variable Speed Irrigation Systems

Nairn Electrical has many years of experience in Variable Speed constant pressure pumping with 1000’s of  Variable Speed Irrigations up and running. We also install and maintain many municipal sites both town water supplies and sewerage systems. In this type of industry reliability, efficiency and precise control are essential.

Nairn Electrical VSD irrigation systems are a constant pressure system eliminating the need to attend your pump shed. Simply plug an irrigator into a hydrant and the controller will detect a pressure drop and control the pump. The system will then maintain the set pressure even when other irrigators /sprinklers are connected and will only use the power required to do the job, resulting not only in energy savings but also savings on time and effort not running backwards and forwards to the pump shed.

On all pumps we use a PID function controller in the drive with a pipe fill pressure ramp built in (KPA per Minute).  This means that there is virtually no pressure overshoot and we can set the running pressure very close to your high pressure cut off point.

You wont need to attend your shed even after a power failure, after the power has returned the system will ramp up to the running pressure automatically. We also offer a 2 Zone Control that links either flow, well level, pond level, or suction pressure to the line pressure for precise control and a built in friction loss system to helps the pressure at higher flows. When the pump reaches its minimum flow rate (all the Irrigators have finished their runs) the system will shut down and stay ready for when the irrigators are shifted.

We have a full 2 Season Guarantee on all our equipment and also provide a 7 day breakdown service second to none


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